Our Mission is simple: We turn job seekers into job creators.

  • We provide students with the opportunity to sustainably start a business while still being at university. Based on research, we build a foundation for new ventures to grow, become formal & more efficient.
  • StartHub ensures that ideas and early-stage ventures are linked with the proper support agents in the ecosystem to allow student teams to become more professional. We also offer our own support program for our startups addressing their most pressing challenges for further growth.
  • In close collaboration, we help universities to organically build up support structures for ventures starting off their businesses at these institutions. We teach local professors and urge universities to provide IT infrastructure, a startup workshop and entrepreneurship clubs for a hands-on education.

We   what we do.

We are six social entrepreneurs and researchers from TU & LMU in Munich and Harvard armed with a wide range of entrepreneurial skills, experienced mentors supporting us and a broad network to build on. Alongside our great skillset, passion and energy, we also exhibit work experience in various African countries. Also, we have two great ambassadors who support our operations in Uganda.

Our Partners

The StartHub Team


Andrej Safundzic

Investor Relations

Harvard/TUM, Economics & Computer Sciences: Founder of African non-profit EduGlobe, scholar at DAAD and SDW.


Martha Tukahirwa

Country Manager Uganda

Heriot-Watt University, MBA: Co-Founder of African start-up: Kalabash Studios Africa, Communications Expert


Juliet Nankabirwa

Marketing Manager

Makerere University, Library & Information Science: Experience in Marketing at Kuku Foods


Shtefi Mladenovska

Impact Measurement

TU Munich, Consumer Affairs: Research Project in Zimbabwe, Innovation Consultant at UnternehmerTUM


Matthias Möbius

Partnership Building

LMU Munich, Physics: Scholar at the Bavarian Elite Academy, Movement Builder


Kilian Andres Escayola

Program Development

LMU Munich, Economics: Scholar at the Social Entrepreneurship Academy