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We leverage entrepreneurship as a tool in the hands of young people so they build the futures they want to see.

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StartHub Africa unlocks the potential of African changemakers to build innovative and scalable businesses across Africa.

StartHub identifies and trains students through a scalable university startup program. We accellerate high-potential African startups. And consult corporates and institutions. Learn more here:

StartHub Academy & Workshops

Entrepreneurship promotion and Startup creation at African universities - African entrepreneurs guide the startup creation process. Our workshops are made for those who want to start off today and need guidance how to do it.

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Catalyzer for investment readiness

90% of startup investment in East Africa went to expat founders (Vilcap, 2017). StartHub mentors & guides established startups 1-on-1 over two years until investment-readiness and put everything in place for bigtime growth.

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StartHub Innovation Consultancy

The biggest Bank, energy company, development agency, and IT training provider are among our happy customers in Uganda. We guide corporate innovation, train design thinking, guide product development, conceptualize development projects & more.

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StartHub Africa: Committed to improving Entrepreneurship Ecosystems.

StartHub Africa is committed to boosting entrepreneurship and innovation in Africa. We have a systemic mindset as good entrepreneurship support requires multiple players and functions. We build those networks for African entrepreneurs, matching with investors, connecting African startups to opportunities, introducing quality partners and running our own activities where support is otherwise scarce.

StartHub has a data-driven mindset, meaning that we measure startup success through increase and revenues, jobs, and investment obtained. This drives action within our organization. StartHubis committed to evidence-based program development, emaning that we use latest research available in the field of entrepreneurship in Africa to design interventions. Finally, even the word entrepreneurship means “to undertake”: All programs with StartHub will be geared towards action as action generates practical learning and real outcomes.

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