StartHub Africa fosters entrepreneurship and innovation in Africa

StartHub believes: Africa’s opportunities will be brought to life by entrepreneurial problem-solvers. Therefore, we have come up with ways to boost entrepreneurship and innovation in Africa.

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Our Main Activities to promote African Entrepreneurship

StartHub Africa is committed to boosting entrepreneurship and innovation in Africa. Our core activities on this journey are diverse: We run free trainings for students to start businesses – in a scalable way at many universities. We follow up with individual and need-based coaching done by successful African entrepreneurs. On top of that, we run trainings and short courses in Kampala on different innovation skills. Also, we help local companies to leverage innovation in Africa and accompany international firms on their expansion to Africa.

Entrepreneurship Training for students. At African Universities.

Coaching and further support for startups

Short-Courses in Kampala: Design-Thinking & Professional Development

Consultancy for East African companies

We build entrepreneurship ecosystems and innovation in Africa.

Specifically, we identify, train and connect entrepreneurs.

StartHub Africa Ltd. is a registered Ugandan non-profit. Our vision: To fulfill the potential of entrepreneurs to create sustainable and scalable businesses that improve lives.

Why? 20 Million jobs must be created on the African continent each year. Though, established companies cannot provide employment in these numbers.

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Our impact so far

Students trained
Trainers trained
Startups created
Teams in Incubation
It is the future to prove us right.

We started in Uganda.
To scale across Africa.

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Other activities to boost innovation in Africa

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