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StartHub Africa's Vision

Fulfill the potential of entrepreneurs to create innovative and scalable businesses that improve lives.

The Mission of StartHub Africa

To build entrepeneurship ecosystems by identifing, training, coaching & providing a platform for growth and networking.

It started in 2017…

... when the problem statement was put on the table by a university lecturer in Uganda: "There is no practical guidance for students who want to start businesses. They mainly study theory but lack the skills to start off something". And a German-Ugandan team quickly decided to build a solution. We wanted to provide an answer to those asking: "How do I start" and "What are next steps"?
In August 2017, StartHub Africa launched with 4 universities in and around Kampala. The rest is history...

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How we make it happen.

We work with individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, coaches, companies and other partners from the entrepreneurship ecosystems in Africa. We build synergies to bring the innovation potential to life. We work with people like you to make it happen.

Entrepreneurship Training for students

We offer practical entrepreneurship trainings in cooperation with East-African Universities. Students start their own business in only one semester.

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Startup support

We offer individual coaching, networking opportunities and further support to help startups to professionalize and grow their existing business.

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Short-Courses for Lifelong Learners

Get 21st Century Skills in hands-on workshops. We offer short-courses in practical entrepreneurship, design-thinking, personal and professional development.

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Consultancy for companies

Growing African markets = business opportunities. Our diverse and international team understands challenges and chances and offers consultancy to local and international companies.

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Opportunities for Investors

Trust and transparency are investors best friends. We work with our entrepreneurs on a weekly basis. We track progress and build records.
Grow with Africa.

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Partners & Organizations

Entrepreneurship means self-guided work and life. Contact us and provide trainings to your beneficiaries and staff!

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Meet the team making it happen!

Matthias, Co-Founder of StartHub Africa.

Matthias Möbius

Head of Product Development and Finance

LMU Munich, Physics: Scholar at the Bavarian Elite Academy, Movement Builder
Joel, a team member of StartHub Africa standing on a lake.

Joel Bamwise

Coaching & Investment

Joel holds degrees in law and business administration from Uganda Christian University. He is an entrepreneurship enthusiast with many years of experience in training and promoting startups and business. He has diverse knowledge from nurturing startups up to investment stage. Joel has started movements around entrepreneurship promotion such as SpinAfrica with the goal to spin Africa Upside-up through startup and youth development.
Laura, Co-Founder of StartHub Africa.

Laura Althaus

Head of Program Development

LMU Munich, Psychology: Consulting Experience with 180Degree Consulting

Michael Kiirya, a team member of StartHub Africa, standing in nature.

Micheal Kiirya

University Program Coordinator

Uganda Christian University: B.A. in Social Work.
Leadership Expert & passionate entrepreneur.
Innocent, Co-Founder of StartHub Africa.

Innocent Mateeka

Legal Manager

LLB (Hons) - Uganda Christian University
PGDLP - Law Development Center
Advocate of the High Court of Uganda

Entrepreneur, Consultant and Lawyer.

Shtefi, a team member of StartHub Africa.

Shtefi Mladenovska

Head of Knowledge Management

PhD Candidate at WU Wien
TU Munich, Consumer Affairs: Research Projects in Zimbabwe, Innovation Consultant at UnternehmerTUM
Merlin, team member of StartHub Africa for Early Stage Investment.

Merlin Stein

Early Stage Investment

University of Tübingen, Business Administration: Founder of Enactus Tübingen & FutureGardens Scholar at German National Academic Foundation

Aksam, team member of StartHub Africa managing Short Courses.

Aksam Mivule

Short Course Manager

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