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Ugandan Entrepreneurs of the StartHub Academy walking around to spot business opportunities.

Why StartHub supports African innovation and entrepreneurship

Societies have challenges to solve. And someone has to solve them. Wealth creation considering the SDG`s is paramount to positive and inclusive development in Africa. Though, aid has proven to be ineffective. A new paradigm where change comes from within societies and communities requires confidence, skills, and resources to materialize. VilCap has shown in 2019 that 90% of investments went to startups with expat Co-Founders. Entrepreneurship is challenged to drive inequality. We have done a deep-dive into where so many African problem-solvers will come from in emerging countries: The universities. University-based African entrepreneurship support is not well-coordinated and executed. StartHub has built viable pathways for African student entrepreneurs to build ventures. For those startups to have an impact, they must be innovative, scalable, and change systems. We support African entrepreneurs to be the changemakers they can be.

Our vision for entrepreneurship in Africa

Our vision is to “support entrepreneurs and changemakers to build scalable and innovative businesses that improve lives.”

We support with literally all they lack: Training, encouragement, access to finance, mentoring. We work with entrepreneurs and changemakers as they are change-agents who know their contexts to bring about positive development. Scalability is key for more impact in all approaches where impact is not systemically reached. StartHub believes in innovation as a broad term for new applied solutions from tech to organizational structures or better processes. And we work with African startups that have positive impact on lives in the broad sense of sustainability – such that are not harmful to people or environment.

We work on becoming an Africa-wide university-based entrepreneurship movement. StartHub looks at boosting changemakers from a systemic lense: With African universities, StartHub builds integrated entrepreneurship programs. Our content is used in class and certificate programs. Our student clubs orgnaize engagements and events. Our StartHub trainers are local entrepreneurs who pass on practical know-how to students. This decentral approach enables us to add the function of entrepreneurship support at African universities. It allows scale as we only create content, qualify trainers, and support the setup of these structures.

Final Pitch: Mentors evaluate together with students.

Meet the team making it happen!

Laura, Co-Founder of StartHub Africa.

Laura Althaus

Program Development

LMU Munich, Psychology & Consulting Experience

Henry Wanume

University Coordinator

Henry is a social entrepreneur and graduate of Development Studies from Makerere University. He is passionate about youth empowerment and entrepreneurship. He also dabbles in writing and he's enthusiastic about the cultural preservation of indigenous Art and language.

Joanita Babirye

Academy Coordinator

Joanita is a graduate of urban and regional planning from Makerere university. She is so passionate about entrepreneurship and especially green innovations. Her urge to protect Mother Earth has influenced her decision to build a movement of greenpreneurs. With this, she has always sought for spaces that challenge her to achieve this goal.

John Akonya

Impact Assessment & Innovation Programs

John holds a degree in Computer science from Moscow State Technological University.
He is a software engineer with the vision to make the world a better place through technology-driven solutions.

Matthias Möbius

Co-Founder & Head Catalyzer

Matthias has studied Physics and Atmospheric Physics at the University of Munich. He sees Entrepreneurship as a tool to improve systems and bring one's vision of the future to life. Passionate about working with innovators that are shaping the future. He has started and run several initiatives around the topics of business ethics, climate justice, and education. He is an Alumni of the Bavarian Elite Academy.

Grace Babirye

Women Entrepreneurship Support

Grace Babirye is a passionate software developer, with an innate love for writing code to solve complex issues. She is adaptive and receptive to learning, mostly fascinated by innovation and creativity and this gets her inclined to the entrepreneurship field, which has vast ideas that can be generated in the name of solving problems in our community but also generating an income for the business minds. She stands for the virtue of women inclusion in ICT and entrepreneurship with the aim of impacting society.

Sophie Dienberg

Innovation Programs & Design Thinking