Join the 2-year Venture Building program.

Catalyzer Program

Incubation and Investment for African Startups

We are an unfair advantage for early-stage African startup founders! Our team of venture associates works with founders for 2 years to boost them to build fast growing businesses.

We invest and conenct to our investor networks in East Africa and beyond. We are like another part-time co-founder for an African startup – and support with everything from strategy, joining sales meetings, or ensuring you ire the right people. We help African startups save months to years in your journey and avoid many mistakes.

We are your part-time Co-founder

Our venture associates are paid to be available for you when you need them. We support everything outside the day-to-day operations. You basically get a team of startup experts on board to guide you through the challenging early stage.

Have weekly sessions with expert venture associates for 2 years. Get Investor connections, 4M UGX in cash, and access to StartHub loans.

Our Support

We support you to build your growth strategy, and structures, be legally compliant, build a strong team, and position yourself in the market and in front of investors.

We invest in you and connect you to Angels and Institutional Investors.


Catalyzer Program: Insights and Numbers

Investing in early-stage startups, venture building support, and investor connections.




Uganda shilings invested towards achieving the goals and objectives and vision of startups we support.



100000 USD

We have provided guidance, resources, and opportunities for our startups to successfully attract and secure funding from investors.

Frequent Asked Questions

What are your selection criteria?

The Catalyzer is open for Tech startups. Ideally, you should have a technical co-founder and a co-founder focussing on growth (marketing & sales). But we have helped many teams find co-founders before. We especially like B2B ideas, but are also open to B2C. We mostly work with highly scalable startups.
In 2023, we started a separate manufacturing incubators – so if you are in the business of producing physical products, contact us and we can support you as well!

How long is the program?

2 years. Because we know that short trainings are not enough. The Catalyzer means: taillored 1-on-1 support, not group trainings.

Is free trial available?

Yes, if your application goes through, you have no risks. Work with us for a month and feel the value we offer.

Whats is the minimum investment?

4M UGX, access to cheap loans up to 5000USD and access to the StartHub investor network.

Do you have a co-working space?

Yes – but only for founders from the Catlayzer program – the Founder can work and use the internet at StartHub for FREE.

What does it cost me?

You get the full StartHub package at only 5% equity plus a revenue-share up to a fix amount. You can buy the equity back in the future if you want (call option).

Can I meet other Startups?

Yes, we are a community, and your challenges can be solved by others. Our Catalyzer startups know each other and grow together. We also run a community of software developers from where you can hire or find co-founders.

Our Startups

Explore the innovative startups we’re proud to support. From cutting-edge technology to game-changing business models, these companies are making a real impact in their industries. Check out their portfolio to see how they’re pushing the boundaries and shaping the future.

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