The StartHub Catalyzer is the first investor for Uganda’s best Startups.

The StartHub Catalyzer accelerates Ugandan startups. 1-on-1 guidance. From business modeling to investment & continuous growth. For 2 years. And 4M UGX in cash to boost your Startup.
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How does the StartHub Catalyzer help your African Startup grow?

Continuous coaching and mentoring:

Identifying and taking the next steps together. Up to two years. Up to investment-readiness.


Startup learning:

We send relevant videos, books, blogs, … Not more than needed. But all that is necessary. When you need it. For whatever you are building.

Investor connections:

We make African startups ready to raise money. Help African entrepreneurs to get good deals. And connect you to our investment partners.

Management support:

Incorporation advice Handling finances. Identifying, tracking and acting on core metrics. Hiring. Raising money. We got your back.H Raising money. Hiring. We got your back.

How does the Catalyzer come on board?

Great question! First of all: The model was designed together and thus benefits the startups we work with.

Incentive: We commit to fully being available to support you in any way for 2 years. We help you learn and achieve all you need to be able to raise investment. Strategic guidance, Business Model Design, Product Development guidance, Team Culture, Marketing, and more.

Time: Our model ensures you have a partner in the long-run. Because it is necessary. If you prioritize the wrong things even only for a few months, your costs are enormous. We help you rule the option of failure out as good as possible.

Investment: We invest 4M UGX if you can make it into the program. We are a Startups first investor for the urgent needs. And Guide you. To derisk Startups for our Investor Network.

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How East African Startups can raise investment.

These are the top four reasons investors told us why East African startups struggle to get investment.The Catalyzer is the best way for any African startup to make it happen as it guides step by step. To see how StartHub Africa thinks about solving those challenges, check out the blog posts talking more about those challenges (under construction).

Knowing the next step.

The Catalyzer guides startups through weekly mentoring to always work on the next most important thing. Also find a step-by-step startup guide in our Blog.

Focus on the right things.

Working all day does not mean relevant progress. The Catalyzer guides African startups to not waste time working on the wrong things.

The right entrepreneurship know-how.

There is so much business talk that is wrong. The Catalyzer guides African startups through the few relevant frameworks.

Getting investors on board.

The Catalyzer helps to find them. And become investor-ready. And to use the capital well. And guides on when and what amount to raise.

The StartHub Catalyzer helps startups in Uganda to do the right thing at the right time. StartHub is like the Co-Founder with the perfect gameplan for your startup in the pocket. Apply now as a Startup and learn what you have to do to find an investor in Uganda.

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Meet the Startups that are part of our Catalyzer program!

Isharc Inc.

Isharc provides professionally designed software solutions (websites, APIs, information systems, etc.) to individuals, businesses, and startups in particular. Based on past projects, Isharc continuously automatizes building IT projects through their software to build a scalable IT agency.

Rada Safaris Ltd

Most tourists discovering the beauty of East Africa are foreigners. Rada Safaris is changing that. They offer unique trips and experiences for university students and other Ugandan travelers, building a travel community.


Inove-Labs runs practical physics and robotics courses at secondary schools, complementing the theoretical education. Inove-Labs also offers science kits that come with building materials and instructions. Kids build torches, phone chargers, and many more things – learning physics at home, building useful things and having fun.

SportsTalent Africa

Promotion of sport talent is largely unorganized and unstructured in Uganda. Sports-Matchup provides sports equipment, helps sports teams to form, takes on individual sportsmen and runs sports tournaments in profitable ways across the country.


Health and fitness needs of urban populations across Africa is changing fast. Mergefit brings fitness online. With their brand Omni Gym, any Ugandan can get access to all gyms in town with just one subscription. On top of that, Omni gym provides a personal coach online guiding remote workout to reach individual fitness goals.

Legal Care

Legal care makes legal services accssible and affordable for the middle class that has poor legal access and is mostly exposed to fraudulent lawyers and service providers.