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Entrepreneurs need support to reach the next level after starting up. StartHub is the mentor to guide the way towards success. Our activities were developed and are run strictly locally. Join with your Startup or support entrepreneurs with your knowledge and services.

Startup Growth & Support is our Mission.

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Startups need indicidual support. We train local coaches who help Startups reach the next level.

Market Access

Accessing the European Market is mostly impossible for African Startups. We build lucrative connections for them with our Online Shop.

Short Courses

An entrepreneur keeps learning. We provide many practical learning opportunities in form of relevant short courses.


Investment is crucial and scarce for Startups in East Africa. We build the trust for investors. Invest in the future – starting at 300$.

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The StartHub Africa Coaching Program.

Our coaching runs weekly, over the course of 8 weeks. Startups register before volunteer Coaches select those they want to work with. For the first 8 weeks, startups pay a commitment fee of only around 10$.

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The Coaching Program in detail

Status Quo & Goal Setting

In-depth Status Quo Analysis & Goal setting: Startups define their own way forward.

Learn & Grow

Startups get weekly knowledge snippets on different topics + individual support.

Measuring Success

We measure progress weekly. Startups learn to walk step by step, how to priorize and to hold themselves accountable.

Find out what some current coachees think about the program!

Afrika 21
Fashion & Design

“Through the Coaching program, we learned that setting our small weekly goals are the strides towards our biggest dreams – which now seem nearer than ever! We are specifically working on the overall marketing concept of our company, identifying the crucial aspects and making them work.”

Rada Safaris
Trips for locals

“As young entrepreneurs, the coaching helps us to set my business goals and to achieve them in the specified time to reach my targets and grow faster. It also changed my work ethic: I’m going to work even harder to beat my competition now.”

Inove LabsDeveloping Science Education

“Coaching has helped us set and achieve weekly goals. We especially worked on marketing and reworked our marketing strategy with the help of the coaches – now I have a better model to ensure that I get more customers.”

Investment for Startups

We help to provide investments starting at 300$ - locally. On top, we build relations with entrepreneurs to provide trust for investors - all ticket sizes, across sectors & investment types.

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