Business and Partnerships in East Africa.

StartHub Africa helps you to access the East African environment. Business, research, projects and more. Do the right things in the right way.
Middle class: 300M+ people. And growing fast.

Start Partnerships & Business in East Africa

Deep understanding of diverse cultural perspectives - our African & European team combines the necessary knowledge and navigates professionally in both worlds. After years in the local ecosystems, we open our networks to those who are seeking to build strong and sustainable businesses and partnerships. Explore, test and enter East African markets!

Our services:

Market Exploration.

We help you meet the right people; In business, science & politics. We rganize delegation and exploration trips or meetings tailored to your expectations.

Market Testing.

Uncertainties and fears about the business environment? Let us guide you. We conduct research, risk analyses and test your hypotheses.

Market Entry.

Legal. Hiring. Facilities. Partnerships. Governance. Cultural hurdles. We have you covered. Circumvent unnecessary mistakes from the start and get going in East Africa.

Understand opportunities in East Africa.

Customized trips.

We offer delegation trips to companies and ministries, help to build research collaborations, organize professional and customized trips for groups and individuals seeking to build partnerships across East Africa.

Who and where?

Our networks stretch across East Africa, strongest in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia. Understand the business environment, build research collaborations and enter the investment landscape. We organize delegation trips for organizations and are happy to connect you to the right people for your plans.

Beautiful view over a road that invites you to explore nature.

Meet one of our happy clients!

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In 2019, we organized an intensive 1-week trip for the Alumni Association of the Bavarian Elite Academy – relevant meetings, meaningful insights and a realistic idea about Uganda!

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Market Research & Testing.

Research and risk analysis.

Understanding different cultural settings and country-specific restrictions are key to doing business successfully. We help you by assembling need-based risk analysis and market research for your plans.

Hypothesis, market and channel testing.

Especially in new environments or with products and services new in certain markets, key facts need to be tested: Who exactly are the customers paying for your offers, how can we best reach them in scale, how high are your costs of acquiring customers? We have an experimental mindset. We help define and test your hypotheses - on the ground.

Market Entry.

Setting up business

A new environment has many hidden variables. Let us support you to jump the stepping stones! Legal, taxation, the finding of premises, hiring of staff, logistics & procurement and more - we leverage our network of professionals to offer the services you need in high quality.

Nurturing business.

Once you have started off, there will be challenges to solve just like everywhere. We are on the ground and support with continuous services such as legal, management consulting and others.

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Kampala, Uganda.

Kigali, Rwanda.

Nairobi, Kenya.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Bujumbura, Burundi.