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StartHub works with corporates, development partners, and NGOs across East Africa.

StartHub Africa is a team of innovators. We share our skills with your organization to grow. Our consultancy is need-based. Our consultants are your problem-solvers.
Serious businesses strive to grow.

StartHub Africa's Consultancy helps to reach the next level. Need-based. On-the-point. Professional.

Delivering a good service means understanding the challenge very well. Our way to support you is through deep engagement with your company and the challenges you face. Our methodologies and broad background in all fields of venture building allow us to deliver high-quality results to your needs. If you are interested in some of our areas of work, read on. If you have a specific challenge to solve, contact us now:

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Some of our services

Design Thinking

Better processes & structures save time and money. Better products & services are your competitive edge. Aware employees add more value. We guide you to achieve all these with Design Thinking.

Digitize your company

The use of digital tools is enhancing productivity of companies worldwide at massive rates. Customer engagement, marketing, accounting, analytics, communication – you need a strategy and

Make operations efficient

Making operations efficient

Never feel lost again. Documentation is available in addition to a series of video tutorials exclusively for Salient.

Solve your challenges with Design Thinking.

Product Development

You have a challenge to solve? You want to launch a new product or service? You want to access a new group of customers? Without the right approach, there is high risk of failure and wasted time. Let us guide you.

Employee Trainings

Often, the mindset determines the outcome. Let us train your employees in design thinking. Boost your employees understanding of customer-centricity, skills in problem-solving, their self-initiative and more. We don't do boring presentations. Get to us for practical workshops solving real challenges and realizing your potentials of your company.

Enter the digital realm with your company!

Customer Engagement

Do you engage your customers sufficiently online? Is your brand in everyone's hand - on all the active smartphone screens? Are customers associating positive experiences with your brand? Do you have

Digital Strategy & Implementation

The use of digital processes and online tools can enhance efficiency and save a lot of money. Communication and collaboration can become better, paperwork can become less. We can help you to set strategic digital goals tailored to your needs. We can guide you to come up with an implementation plan.

Make your operations efficient.

Company structure & processes

When companies grow, processes have to be redefined. If this is not done in a structured way, businesses can quickly become inefficient. To solve this challenge will save time and money. We work on organizational structures, internal and communication processes and on the way you engage your customers and stakeholders. Let us help you in building a better organization and save money.

Consulting across East Africa. Get in touch to find solutions.

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