Positions Open in Kampala (4) and Nakivale- Isingiro (4)

Online Microwork and Freelancing Trainer

Job type: Contract
Contract Duration: 6 months
Expiry date: February 15, 2024 (12 PM East African Time)

Job Summary

StartHub Africa is seeking trainers to deliver training in the International Labour Organization PROSPECTS Program; a pilot connecting refugee and host community youth to decent online microwork and freelancing opportunities in Kampala and Nakivale.

About PROSPECTS Program

The PROSPECTS program, funded by the Government of The Netherlands, is a collaborative effort involving the ILO, World Bank, IFC, UNICEF, and UNHCR. Operating across eight countries in East Africa, the Horn of Africa, and the Middle East, the program focuses on inclusive job creation and education in areas affected by forced displacement.
In Uganda, limited connectivity poses challenges, yet the digital economy offers a chance to bridge inequalities. Under the PROSPECTS program, the ILO has contracted SHA Consulting Group Ltd. for a pilot project, training refugees and host community youth in online microwork and freelancing. The pilot aims to unlock digital opportunities, fostering income generation for displaced youth in Uganda.
This pilot assignment falls under the PROSPECTS ‘Connected Learning, Digital Skills, and Microwork’ program, a collaborative initiative by ILO, UNICEF, and UNHCR.

Who Are We Looking For?

The ideal candidates should have a strong background working in the digital economy, youth training, and expertise in online microwork and freelancing work and learner-centered design methodology.
Note: Applicants must be in either Kampala or Nakivale-Isingiro, as the selected trainers will be expected to work and reside in their assigned districts. Starthub will not provide relocation support, and applicants who reside outside of these areas should ensure their ability to work and stay in the respective districts independently

Position Overview:

We are seeking trainers to offer trainings, coaching and mentorship programs to refugees and host community youth, with the goal empowering them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the digital economy to foster economic resilience and community development.
The role is structured as a consulting contract, operating on a short contract basis and contingent upon project needs and specific activities.
The main tasks include conducting training sessions and later offering continuous mentorship and coaching needed by each trainee to prepare them to be linked in online micro work and freelancing gigs.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Providing high-quality training on digital and soft skills, online microwork, and freelancing opportunities under the Online Microwork and Freelancing project- encompassing key concepts in the Digital Economy and learner-centered design methodology.
2. Support in the development of training content and related materials
3. Delivering training sessions per week in the desired language physically and in person at the training station assigned to in Kampala or Nakivale- Isingiro.
4. Conduct all related training at the communicated date, time and venue as required by the Starthub Africa
5. Conducting follow-up coaching and mentorship sessions to ensure the trainees are prepared and equipped to be linked to online microwork and freelancing gigs.
6. Providing necessary and timely evaluation, reports, and feedback upon completion of the training activities.
7. Providing daily updates at the end of each session and a detailed report and upon completion of each cohort.
8. And any other duty that may be incidental to the successful execution of your responsibilities.

Qualifications and Competencies

  1. University graduate with a bachelor’s degree
  2. Proven experience (at least 2-3 years) working in the digital economy, for example digital marketing, software development, E- Commerce, content creation, video editing, graphic design and familiar with online microwork and freelancing platforms.
  3. Proven experience as a trainer or facilitator, preferably in digital skills training. (Being ILO certified is an added advantage)
  4. Familiarity with the social and economic landscape of Nakivale- Isingiro, preferably with prior work experience in the region. (For applicants interested in Nakivale- Isingiro).
  5. Fluency in English is required, along with proficiency in French, Lingala, Swahili or Runyakitara (for applicants interested in Nakivale- Isingiro) is an added advantage.


Application Process:Please submit your application here https://forms.office.com/r/pyJgtE49EX

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted on rolling basis for further evaluation and interviews.

Application Deadline:February 15, 2024 (12 PM East African Time)

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