Empower YOU – (Empowering Youth Organizations in Uganda)

The project aims to empower micro and small business owners through a series of workshops and support initiatives. These include training and mentoring 1000 entrepreneurs, offering workshops on fundamental business management principles, assisting in creating business plans and setting 3-month goals, and providing follow-up mentorship tailored to individual goals.

Additionally, 75 businesses will receive extra support and access to grants. Furthermore, the project aims to train 1000 entrepreneurs on access to finance, facilitated in collaboration with financial institutions. It also involves formalizing businesses through partnerships with city structures, URSB, and URA, including assessing select businesses’ formalization needs and providing necessary support.

Moreover, the project seeks to establish six Youth Business Associations across two universities and four BTVETs in Lira and Gulu cities.

Finally, an investment matchmaking intervention will be conducted to facilitate connections between investors and businesses, fostering opportunities for investment access

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Kakinda Andrew
Program Manager


The consortium, led by Caritas Switzerland (CACH) and including StartHub Africa (StartHub) and Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization (GWED-G), aims to empower youth through:

  • The enhancement of sustainable income generation and life skills.
  • The promotion of youth participation in policy, decision-making, and development processes at national and local levels for increased social and economic inclusion.

StartHub Africa is responsible for objective (i), where a program is designed to offer business support services to 1000 youth micro and small business owners in Lira and Gulu cities.

 Project Objectives: The primary objective is to offer business support services to 1000 youth micro and small business owners in Lira and Gulu cities.

Geographical Coverage: The project operates in Gulu city and Lira city.

Target Population: Youth business owners aged 18-35.

Duration of Project: The project spans 3 years (2023 – 2026), started in Feb 2023, and ends in Jan 2026.

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