KAS Y4P Innovation Fellowship

The KAS (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung) Youth 4 Policy (Y4P) Innovation Fellowship is designed to enable highly qualified individuals to conduct in-depth research and produce valuable, high-quality policy papers that benefit the Ugandan innovation ecosystem. This program aims to equip 8 fellows with the skills and knowledge necessary to engage in policy work beyond the fellowship.
All fellows will receive Stipends during the program.

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Ham Lubega
Program Manager

Policy Areas of Interest

Fellows can choose from the following exemplary topics for their policy papers:

  1. Defining Startups: Establishing a clear definition of a startup in Uganda.
  2. Taxation and Startups: Analyzing how taxation affects startups and exploring international tax laws for startups.
  3. University Innovation: Examining the role of government in transforming universities into centers of innovation excellence.
  4. Skills for the Future:  Identifying the skills needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and how Uganda can build a future-ready workforce.
  5. BPO Regulation:  Investigating global best practices for regulating BPO and Uganda’s unique positioning.
  6. Investment Incentives: Evaluating how policy can attract venture capital and angel investments in Uganda.
  7. Social Enterprise: Defining social enterprise and comparing tax incentives with other countries.
  8. Government Funding Schemes: Learning from past schemes and improving their effectiveness for the innovation ecosystem.
  9. Ecosystem Building: Exploring the government’s role in strengthening innovation ecosystem players.
  10. Technology Education: Developing policy mechanisms to ensure Uganda’s workforce is prepared for future technological demands.

These topics provide a broad framework. Fellows are encouraged to focus on specific issues within these areas to create targeted and impactful policy papers.


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