Startup 101 University Program

Through the Startup 10 program, we support young innovators at universities to turn their ideas into real Startups and businesses. We provide weekly entrepreneurship training together with practical skills coaching & experience.

The best startups from the Startup 10 program can Pitch at the StartHub Demo Day and can then Qualify for further mentorship and investment in the StartHub Catalyzer Program.

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Matthias Möbius
Co-founder, Head Sales

What You Will Gain from Startup 101

Practical Experience: Students gain hands-on experience in building and operating a real business, allowing them to apply what they’ve learned in a practical setting.

Mentorship and Guidance: Access to experienced entrepreneurs and mentors who can provide valuable advice, support, and insights to help students navigate the challenges of starting a company.

Networking Opportunities: Students can connect with fellow aspiring entrepreneurs, potential co-founders, investors, and industry experts, expanding their professional network. Students are guided to turn their ideas into real companies and make their first revenue within the program period.

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