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Our tech programs are tailored for startups with at least a technical co-founder and a growth-focused co-founder specializing in marketing and sales. While our primary focus is on B2B startups, we are also open to B2C ventures, particularly those with high scalability. Our initial investment reaches up to $1,500, complemented by access to affordable loans up to $5,000 and the extensive StartHub investor network.

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Our Tech Venture Support Programs

Catalyzer Program

Through the StartHub Catalyzer Program, we provide comprehensive venture development support to early-stage and tech-enabled startups in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. Our support includes 1:1 venture-building support, valuable investor connections, and opportunities to engage with tech communities, events, and hackathons.

Startup 101 University Program

Our commitment extends to fostering innovation straight from universities through the Startup 101 program. We guide young innovators in transforming their ideas into viable startups and businesses, offering weekly entrepreneurship training, practical skills coaching, and hands-on experience.

The Startup 101 program ends with the StartHub Demo Day, where the best startups from different Universities across East Africa get a platform to pitch their ideas. Successful startups gain exposure and qualify for additional mentorship and investment within the StartHub Catalyzer Program.

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Startup 101 University Program

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