StartHub Africa: Livelihoods and jobs through entrepreneurship

Why entrepreneurship? Why East Africa? How do we achieve our goals? What have we done so far?

20 million jobs must be created on the African continent each year.

This is the amount of youth coming to the job market every year (ILO, 2018). Established companies and organizations cannot provide employment in these numbers. In most African countries, business creation rates are much higher than in other countries around the world – even in Europe or America. Though, the rate of informality and failure is much higher. Those enterprises are often side-businesses and don’t provide much formal employment. New growth-oriented businesses, especially in labor-intensive sectors, are necessary to provide the needed jobs.

Learn how we reach our impact:

Building a Startup Pipeline
We run Design-Thinking Startup workshops to guide entrepreneurs to start businesses solving relevant problems and not waste time.
Supporting with Growth
We support startups throughout their growth to build companies that can provide employment to even more people.
Building the Startup Ecosystem
We plug gaps in existing entrepreneurship ecosystems. We identify talents through scale. We train, connect & link to investors and partners.

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It is the future to prove us right.

We started in Uganda.
To scale across Africa.

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The question now: What can YOU do?

We are an ecosystem builder. We know no competitors, we are all partners in building a strong Ubuntu ("the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity") movement. Let us build the future together, let us change lives. Everyone can be part, everyone can support through their means and abilities.

“Entrepreneurship is the single biggest driver of job creation and growth in any economy, which in turn are the underpinnings of political stability and healthy societies. Whether it is helping post-conflict states recover, reigniting growth in stagnant economies, or uncovering new investment opportunities, entrepreneurship development plays a critical role.”

Steven Koltai
Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builder
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