Corporate Innovation & Capacity Building at Stanbic Bank UG

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About Corporate Innovation and Capacity Building at Stanbic Bank UG

SHA guided participants from different departments of Stanbic Bank in six sessions through the entire Design-Thinking Cycle with the goal to come up with tangible solutions for challenges related to Stanbic Bank and its stakeholders.

This supported the personal development of the participants as they engaged in a challenging, creative and interactive journey.  Participants were grouped in small teams and taken through the stages of the Design-Thinking Cycle in bi-weekly working sessions. Between the sessions, participants implemented the requirements of the respective stage and therefore acquired hands-on skills that will benefit them both in their professional and private lives.

Beside the personal development, participants worked on real problems the bank encountered and prototyped several solutions. Among the solutions developed were projects in the fields of flexible working time at Stanbic Bank which have since proven handy during the Covid-19 outbreak, a more attractive online banking app for Millennials, a more effective system to gather customer data and to minimize errors and a better system how to provide loans to the informal sector.

What we achieved and Impact

  • 30 mid-level managers were trained in Design-Thinking
  • 30 mid-level managers conducted practical user research
  • Developed 6 viable solutions to improve processes and products
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