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In three months, you will have built sustainable groundworks of your dream business. The Academy has three phases. This is how it works.

  • Inspiration Phase.

    Learn how to think like an entrepreneur. Understand the notion of value, get the tools you need and build a strong team in four weeks!

  • Ideation Phase.

    Build a product your customers love based on Design Thinking and the Lean Startup Methodology. You will have built prototypes and have a great understanding of your customers after this.

  • Execution Phase.

    You will continue your user centric journey, learn additional business skills you need for your success and start to sell your products.

  • StartHub Catalyzer

    Once you have started a business, StartHub accompanies everyone willing to grow their business. Just apply to our catalyzer program and continue your startup journey!

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We help you to leave your comfort zone and start your own business in 12 weeks. With StartHub, there is Experience. Not Theory.

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